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Client Portal

Portal offers convenient online storage spaces in which files can be effortlessly uploaded, downloaded, stored and shared in a safe and secure environment.

Portal gives you instant access to your files, including tax returns, financial statements and source documents. After we prepare your tax returns, you can access and review completed returns, then print and sign the e-filing release and return it to us by uploading it to Portal. If you are applying for a loan or need documents for legal purposes, you can quickly and easily download your prior years' tax return from Portal for up to 90 days.

With Portal, you can:

  • Easily upload documents of all sizes without using an FTP server, including QuickBooks®.
  • Access vital documents 24/7 via a secure online repository.
  • Organize documents in electronic cabinets and folders, which mirror the way paper documents are stored.
  • Designate files as read-only or read/write for easier access and greater security.
  • Search, filter and display documents by file type, title, creator, keyword and more.
  • Maintain previous file versions in document history (subject to 90 day retention).
Access your files with our secure, online document sharing application. Click here to enter your username and password.
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